Why you should get a kitchen island


Kitchen islands have quickly become the most popular and requested feature in any new kitchen development. This trend has remained in fashion for years but has grown with the benefit it provides to families and people who enjoy to entertain. The kitchen no longer has to be just for cooking it can now be the social hub of your home. With families spending more and more time online and not socialising as much people have found having somewhere for the family to cook, live and laugh together in a comfortable environment.

When it comes to choosing your kitchen island you have lots of choice from worktops to colours and appliances. Popular worktops include granite & quartz the later being the best quality. Choosing a quartz worktop gives you a long lasting strong and durable centre piece to your kitchen. Granite worktops also sturdy can be scratch and stain resistant meaning less maintenance and consistent quality. Both types of worktops require very little maintenance and smooth surfaces mean they are wipe cleanable making them perfect for modern living. If you are designing a more countryside traditional kitchen then you may opt for hardwood worktop. Hardwood worktops are cheaper than quartz and despite being not scratch resistant the show of wear and work on a hardwood worktop only ever adds to the look of a rustic kitchen. Similar to granite you could easily have this worktop on your island match the worktops of your entire kitchen allowing for the same feel and look throughout.

When it comes to designing a kitchen island gives you the space you need to keep your kitchen looking great without sacrificing function. A popular option is to have a built in appliance to a kitchen island giving you a dedicated cooking area and keeping the rest of your worktops clean and clear no longer will you feel like you don’t have the prep or cooking space you need to make cooking fun again whether it be just for you or the whole family joining in. If you are opting for your island to be more of a social seated place then why not utilise smart storage systems giving your space to keep all your cutlery and items and even hidden charging ports for laptops and phones. A popular design trend for kitchen islands is to now have the base complement the rest of your kitchen through colour whether that be matching the colours of your cabinets or mirroring the colours of your walls. A design that is more understated is to have washed out colours for your kitchen as a whole then a bright vibrant colour for an island to make your island a focal point for your entire room.   

When opting for a kitchen island its design and function is completely versatile allowing it to completely meet you needs. Many families have complemented the use of an island to turn their kitchen into a truly family area. If you have the space and the budget then a kitchen island can only offer substantial benefits to your new kitchen redesign