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How to design a new kitchen


When working with a bespoke kitchen company like Dovetail you input is the most important part of the process, from design to installation the entire project should be built around you.  

Evaluate what you need


Take a look at your kitchen and begin making a wish list, you know what you like and don’t. I can’t count the amount of times I have been cooking in my kitchen and think to myself I wish I had more space here or I wish my appliances were over there. Forget about price for now you can take things off at a later date just add anything that would make your dream kitchen perfect for you to your wish list. With a clear defined vision of what you need when you work with your next kitchen company you will be able to explain to them your clear vision, they can then use their expertise to advise you on what works best for you. 


Get some inspiration online


You are reading this so you are looking for help online, great start. Start googling kitchen design ideas for images and you can quickly pick and choose the colours and features you like best. Everyone wants their kitchen to be unique and it will be once it’s yours, but there is no shame in saying you like parts of a different kitchen and implementing them into your next idea. You will find the more exactly you can visualise your new kitchen the quicker it will become a reality rather than an idea. Also don’t be afraid to ask your new kitchen company for more images of projects they have done before. They very well may have completed a kitchen that could also be perfect for you.


Your colours will be one of the most important decisions you make


The colour of a kitchen is often overlooked however the difference it can make can change the whole feel of your room. The most common kitchen colour choice will be white for most people, a white kitchen has a lot of benefits it will keep your kitchen looking much more fresh and clean and give the illusion of more space, however it can make the room feel a little colder than it usually is. Deep reds and blacks can give off more warmth however those strong colours won’t appeal to everyone. Alternatively take a look at you surrounding if you are in the countryside and have a lot of greenery around you then the use of greens’ or wood worktops can really transform your kitchen however that would look out of place in a city apartment. Your colour choice of your next kitchen will be a completely subjective one just choose what you like best, it’s that simple.


Make sure your kitchen is future proofed


More than ever tech is a huge part of any modern home and while you can always account for every technological innovation you want to ensure your kitchen is ready to have tech integrated into it easily. A smart kitchen can make your life so much easier everything from extra charging ports to self opening cupboard doors your kitchen can serve you like it never has before. 


Set your budget


The money you can spend will really dictate what you can and can’t have in your new kitchen. Set a budget you can afford and don’t go over it, be honest with the kitchen company you are working with. It is their job to give you the options of what you can and can’t have with what you can afford. Look at the wish list you made for your dream kitchen a prioritise what is most important to you. Maybe you can’t afford to have everything you dream of but if you work with your kitchen company you can design around this so there is still room to develop and add to your kitchen later down the line when you have more to spend. 

Designing your dream kitchen can be a long project but who you choose to work with is crucial, it is their job to make the process as simple as possible for you. Just be certain what you want and what you like and don’t before getting a quote. Remember this is your kitchen and you need to be in charge of the design process. No one knows what you like better than you.    

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