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How much does a new kitchen cost?


This is a question people should always ask themselves prior to even choosing what type of kitchen they want. The truth is a kitchen could cost you anything from 10k-150k depending on a variety of factors, such as materials, appliances and how much space you have to work with. Your kitchen is a long term investment meant to last years, so it is often wise not to cut corners on quality however you always have to work within your budget. As said lots of factors can vary the price of your dream kitchen. So let’s take a look at things you should consider that can affect the price of your next project.




Let’s first look at appliances this factor will be different for everyone. Do you have a brand new cooker and dishwasher or are you looking to upgrade? This is important to take note of if you are looking to get your appliances built into your kitchen because replacing them after the fact can be very time consuming and costly. Although possible it is best to have this sorted before your installation as many people when they get their new kitchen installed want it ready to go. As Well as your conventional appliances consider smart tech integration: How much technology do you want in your kitchen such as self opening cabinets and doors or hidden charging ports for your electronics. All of these extras are great and help future proof your investment but can always affect cost. 




Although often overlooked considering how much space you have to work with is much more important than how big your kitchen is going to be. Start to consider how you are going to use the space. If you are a smaller family and you rarely use your kitchen area then maybe you don’t have to invest as much in a state of the art kitchen that will not be used as much. More and more often people are now looking for their kitchen to be the social hub of their home, from entertaining guests to just having somewhere to sit and eat with your family. If you have the space to work with you can really turn your kitchen into a functional and comfortable social area, raising the cost yet being worth it because your larger kitchen will be used everyday. 


Island? No Island?


Tangentially related to your kitchen space is whether to include an island in your kitchen.Kitchen Islands are hugely popular due to their functionality and giving you an area to sit, eat and cook. An island will really give your kitchen much more use, however it is not always the best option if your kitchen is only just big enough to fit one in. If you have a smaller kitchen islands can really affect the flow and make your room feel more cramped. When it comes to cost the main factor which will vary the price of an island is the worktop, a quartz worktop although the best option would be more expensive than a hardwood top.




Kitchen cabinets can really change the price of your kitchen, afterall they will be the bulk of your installation. You want to find a mix between an affordable cost and a cabinet type that is manufactured to be long lasting. Any good kitchen installer should be able to give you a good variety of choices. When looking at your cabinet materials we suggest you go for a minimum of 18/19mm HDF board anything less than this will not last very long and you could be looking to replace it within a couple of years. By opting for 19mm and above you will be safeguarding your investment. If you are looking for maximum protection and longevity you could opt for 22m solid oak, this will raise your cost although it is the best quality option. Similar to your cabinet materials choice is the choice of your doors. Although doors do not have to be the same thickness as the actual cabinet it is a good choice to not skimp on cost here. A low quality melamine wrapped door could end up peeling ad degreading after a couple of years of use, so be sure you ask your kitchen provider what the best door option is for you in relation to longevity.


Building & Installation


When purchasing your new kitchen you will need it installed by a professional. There is very little point paying lots of money for all the best appliances and cabinets if your installer is sub par. In this case be sure to do your research check reviews and listen to recommendations. Often a good rule is using the company supplying you the kitchen, if they are big enough to supply as well as fit it is more likely they have the knowledge and skills to install to fit your new kitchen at the highest standard. Building work also comes into account always have the kitchen company come out and survey your kitchen space to ensure they know what the installation is going to entail, this way you won’t be hit by extra bills due to “unforeseen issues”.


Kitchens Add Value!


When talking about kitchens you often use the word investment. This is because a kitchen is exactly that. A high quality well installed kitchen that is made to last will always add value to your home. Obviously there are external values affecting this such as your homes ceiling price. Look at property developers whenever they are looking to develop and sell a house they most often install a new kitchen because not only does it make your home more appealing but it also raises its value. When looking at your new kitchen as an investment in your home rather than an extravagant purchase it makes the buying process and the pricing of it a lot easier and smarter.

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