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Kitchen Installations Liverpool

Get your new kitchen installed with the Dovetail Kitchen Installations Service. Our professional team can install your new kitchen quickly and for a reasonable price. We have experience installing kitchens from all major UK brands.

Expert Installation Service

Dovetail Kitchens offer a complete kitchen installation service for all our Liverpool based customers. We can install kitchens from all Major UK brands including IKEA, Wren and B&Q. Dovetail Kitchens strive to be competitive on price we will always seek to match or beat your current kitchen installation quote. Our skilled installers have extensive experience in fitting kitchens of all shapes and sizes from large open plan kitchens to smaller installations.

Your kitchen installation is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your kitchen, poorly installed kitchens will seriously reduce the life span of your new kitchen leading to faulty cabinets or the breakdown of appliances. The team at Dovetail have been designing and fitting kitchens for over 30 years so you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen will be expertly installed. All your desired kitchen features can be also installed including worktops and islands. We can install a variety of islands including wood, granite, laminate and Quartz.




Large Open Plan Kitchens

Home Extension Kitchens

Smaller Compact Kitchens

Kitchen Installations Liverpool

We Install All Major UK Kitchen Brands

Kitchen Installations Near You

If you are looking for Liverpool based kitchen installation, then look no further than Dovetail Kitchens. We have over 30 years of kitchen installation experience making us your ideal choice for kitchen installation. Our extensive experience means we can install kitchens from all major brands ensuring you get a professional installation that will ensure your new kitchen will stands the test of time. Dovetail can also install a variety of kitchen features from smart storage cabinets to large worktops and kitchen islands.

Kitchen Installations Liverpool

Unbeaten on Price

We know getting a new kitchen can be a costly investment and you will want as much of your budget as possible to go on the kitchen itself not the installation. Dovetail always strive to keep kitchen installation costs down for their clients. We charge very competitive day rates for our teams of expert fitters. Because our kitchen installers have extensive kitchen installation expertise, we can keep our installation prices down knowing that they will have your kitchen installed for you efficiently and carefully.

Kitchen Installations Liverpool

30 Years Kitchen Experience

Dovetail have well over 30 years of kitchen installation experience, this means we have installed a variety of kitchen types including large open plan kitchens and smaller more compact models. We will ensure that your kitchen perfectly fits within your space, however we know problems can arise from poor measurements or purchasing the wrong kitchen shape. If this happens you can rely on us to find a way to fit your kitchen within your space without sacrificing any of the features. If it is not possible to get your kitchen fitted, we will always advise on the steps you can take to get it returned and new model supplied.

Kitchen Design

In addition to kitchen installations Dovetail are known across the northwest for bespoke kitchen design. If the kitchens you are browsing are not incorporating the exact style of features you want then Dovetail can create a beautiful bespoke kitchen for your home that will complement your space and incorporate all your desired kitchen features. Dovetail Kitchens have designed bespoke kitchens for a variety of homes across the Northwest including large open plan kitchens.

Kitchen Installations Liverpool

Start Your Kitchen Install With Dovetail Kitchens

If you need your kitchen expertly installed, then contact Dovetail Kitchens today. Our knowledgeable can book in an installation date that suits you.

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Kitchens FAQ

How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost?
You will without doubt of seen in your research that kitchen prices can vary wildly, this comes down to size, materials used, and the features of the kitchen will affect the price.
Some guideline prices for bespoke kitchens are:
Small Kitchens – £5k – £15k
Medium Sized Kitchens – £15k – £25k
Large Kitchens – £25k – £50k
Open Plan Kitchens – £50k+
*** All these prices are only guideline and you actual price will be subject to your measurements and features.
Will you design my kitchen?
Yes, Dovetail can design your kitchen for you. You can have as much or as little input as you want in the kitchen design process.
When Can You Fit My New Kitchen

The team at Dovetail kitchens will always strive to book an installation that date that suits you and your needs. The earlier in the process you contact dovetail the earlier you can get your desired install date. Dovetail will always keep their clients up to date with timings and the ETA’s of their kitchen being manufactured.

Do you do smaller kitchens?
Yes, we will always tailor your kitchen to your space meaning you can have a kitchen of almost any size.
Where are you based?

Dovetail Kitchens are based – 60 Simonside, Widnes WA8 4YN 

Does A New Kitchen Add Value To My Home?
The value added to your home from a new kitchen will be down to its quality and the quality of materials used. Some kitchens will add significant value to your home. The ceiling price of your area may also affect how much value a new kitchen can add.
Do you fit pre-bought kitchens?
Yes, you can hire our team of experienced fitters for competitive day rates. We can install kitchens from all major kitchen brands.
Do you offer guarantees?
Yes, all our kitchens will be fully guaranteed. Any products used will have full manufacturer warrantees.
Kitchens Knowsley. Kitchen Created By Dovetail Kitchens.
Kitchens Knowsley. Kitchen Created By Dovetail Kitchens.
Kitchens Knowsley. Kitchen Created By Dovetail Kitchens.

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