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Welcome to Dovetail Kitchens we are your local kitchen specialists with over 30 years of experience manufacturing, designing, and installing kitchens across the Widnes area. We offer kitchen solutions to meet every budget from designing to fit a kitchen in a cosy space to larger open plan designs. Dovetail will ensure all your kitchen needs are met from initial design to important features such as your cabinets, worktops, and islands.

Bespoke Kitchens

If you are looking to completely transform your kitchen, then opting for a bespoke kitchen from Dovetail is the way to go. A bespoke kitchen will be completely tailored to your space and needs ensuring you are getting the perfect kitchen that meets your needs and your budget. We know there are many considerations when it comes to getting a new kitchen which is why Dovetail offers a design and consultation service for all their bespoke kitchen clients. You can have one of our friendly team sit down with you and discuss what your kitchen desires are and what additional features can be incorporated to make your kitchen truly bespoke.

Open Plan Kitchens in Widnes

If you have a large kitchen space or a recent home extension, then an open plan kitchen will be ideal for you. Open plan kitchens are designed to make the most of your space incorporating all your desired kitchen features including spacious kitchen worktops, islands, and freestanding appliances. Open plan kitchen design helps you create a state-of-the-art kitchen that makes it the focal point of your home. Your new kitchen will become a family hub that is perfect for socialising and entertaining guests.

If you are thinking about investing in open plan kitchen then Dovetail can help you through the process from design to installation, our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you throughout the entire kitchen process from choosing the shape of your kitchen to what must have features you should incorporate. Contact Dovetail Kitchens today to begin your open plan kitchen consultation.  

Worktops & Islands

One of the biggest choices you will make when investing in a new kitchen is what material to use for your new kitchen worktops. With Dovetail you can choose between Quartz, Granite and Solid Wood, each worktop will provide you with a range of benefits and offers unique aesthetics to a kitchen. Your new worktops can be designed in tailored shapes to offer you additional worktop space L & T shaped worktops will allow you space for seating and breakfast bars While large quartz islands will provide you with a breathtaking kitchen centre piece. No matter what your worktop choice Dovetail will have a solution to meet your needs and budget.   

Experienced Kitchen Company

Dovetail Kitchens are a vastly experienced kitchen company serving the Widnes area. We have been installing and supplying kitchen around Widnes, Liverpool, and Cheshire for over 30 years. We have experience in creating kitchens that fit any space from smaller areas to large open plan designs. Dovetail even featured on BBC’s DIY SOS to help them with their kitchen renovation.

If you would like a truly unique kitchen that is certain to impress the contact Dovetail today to begin your free no obligation consultation with us.

Kitchen Fitters Widnes

Dovetail also have experience in fitting kitchens from major leading kitchen brands. If you have purchased a kitchen from companies such as B&Q, Victoria Plumbing or Wren Kitchens then our team can install your entire kitchen for you for very reasonable day rates. Our team will ensure all parts of your kitchen are installed and working for you from cabinets to appliances.

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Kitchens Widnes FAQ

How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost?

Kitchens are often a bespoke price due to the difference in space people have available. While many prefab kitchens have a set cost attached to them a bespoke designed kitchen will always vary in cost.

Some factors that will affect your kitchen costs are:
– Size of the kitchen
– Appliances used
– Materials used
– Kitchen Design
– Smart technology integration
You can’t know an exact cost until your measure has been completed but a good guideline would be

Small Kitchens – £5-15K
Medium Kitchens £15-25K
Large Kitchens £25k-50K
Large Open Plan Kitchens 50k+

All prices are guideline and subject to your measurements and features.

Will you design my kitchen?

Yes! Dovetail Kitchens are specialists in Kitchen Design we can design you a kitchen or any shape or size to meet your needs.

When Can You Fit My New Kitchen

The team at Dovetail kitchens will always strive to book an installation that date that suits you and your needs. The earlier in the process you contact dovetail the earlier you can get your desired install date. Dovetail will always keep their clients up to date with timings and the ETA’s of their kitchen being manufactured.

Do you do smaller kitchens?

Yes, we supply and fit kitchens of any size. We will tailor our design exactly to your space.

Where are you based?

Dovetail Kitchens are based – 60 Simonside, Widnes WA8 4YN 

Does A New Kitchen Add Value To My Home?

While your homes valuation depends on a variety of factors, often yes homes will sell quicker and for more money with a brand-new kitchen installed.

Do you fit pre-bought kitchens?

Yes, if you have already purchased your kitchen, we will be happy to install it for you with competitive day rates. We can install all types of kitchens including from leading industry suppliers.

Do you offer guarantees?

Yes, we offer extensive guarantees on all our bespoke kitchens. Any appliances used will also come with manufacturer warrantees.

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